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The Inventors

Explore the inventors, innovators and perfecters of the game of bowling. From the ancient Egyptians to British monarchs to an enterprising German immigrant, follow the sport’s journey from archeological digs to American taverns to the first American bowling “alley.”


The Advocates

Meet the earliest advocates of bowling. From King Henry the VIII to Budweiser®, the King of Beers, this sport has had more than its share of dedicated enthusiasts and loyal sponsors. Brands like Bud®, Strohs® and Pabst® have each sponsored bowling team after bowling team. And here, we trot out everything but the Clydesdales in our nostalgic, interactive Beer Teams exhibit.


The Champions

Wander through our Bowling Hall of Fame. Follow the meteoric careers of bowling’s greatest champs at the touch of a screen. Watch hall of famer Don Carter move up from boy pinsetter to living legend. See female great Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, a 10-time All American, three-time Collegiate All American and a 2007 inductee into the USBC Hall of Fame. All of the heroes of this great sport come alive in this fully interactive venue.


The Innovations

The innovations of bowling unfold before your eyes through life-sized replicas, touch-screen kiosks, film montages and interactive games.


The Future

Witness the latest computer-assisted coaching techniques, explore the current trends in Olympic training and experience the growing movement of professional women’s bowling. Then give the kids a hands-on experience at Bowlopolis™, where the pleasure of bowling comes alive for even the tiniest child. The future of bowling is here at your fingertips.