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Available Internships
  • Museum Collections Management
  • Exhibitions and Research
  • Library Management
  • Photography & Film / Video Archives Management
  • Archival Management

Interns identify, document and catalog the museum's collection of artifacts. The collection is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of the game of bowling, from ancient Egypt to the modern professional game.

Interns assist the Curator in updating and changing existing exhibitions. Additional tasks include label writing, artifact research and selection, exhibit preparation and monitoring environmental conditions.

Interns identify, document and catalog the library’s holdings, which includes books, periodicals, event programs and other published materials.

Interns identify, arrange, describe and catalog the photograph collection. The collection includes photographs, negatives and slides. Additionally, interns assist in the organization of the film and video archive, which includes game footage, ceremonies, interviews and instructional films.

Interns evaluate, arrange, describe and catalog archival collections. Collections include donor files, press releases, individual papers, correspondence and other types of institutional record.