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School Group Info & Forms
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School Group Info & Forms

Bowling has a rich history and an exciting future that the museum hopes to share with as many visitors as possible. We are eager to work with school groups, youth organizations, bowling leagues, senior groups, and all others who want to learn more about bowling. To book a tour for your group, please submit one of our tour forms or contact our Group Tour Director at 817-385-8230. We look forward to your visit!

School and Youth Organizations

School-age children will find a lot to learn and do in the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. The museum currently offers self-guided tours and outreach programs specifically designed for STEM and TEKS based schools as well as daycare programs. Our staff is happy to work with groups to meet individual needs and program requirements. To book a tour for your school or youth organization, please complete and submit a School and Youth Organizations Tour Reservation form.

School Youth Reservation Form

Group Tours

For other types of tours, please submit a tour reservation form.

Group Tour Form


The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame is proud to offer funding for organizations and schools serving low-income youth. Please contact our group coordinator for more information.

STEM/Science TEKS Resources for Educators: Lesson Plans Tied in with Your Field Trip!

We offer educational programming for STEM and Science TEKS aligned educators. Below you will find documents that may guide you through a pre-visit in-classroom activity focusing on physical science concepts such as speed and friction at a 4th through 6th grade level. Also included is a recommended itinerary for your self-guided tour and an exhibit guide for educator preparation as well. And remember, if you need any more materials or safety information feel free to contact the Group Tour Director at