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Daroll & Dolores Frewing Scholarship

Scholarship flyer



The International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame presents
the Daroll & Dolores Frewing College Scholarship Fund $25,000


This scholarship is awarded annually to a child or grandchild of a BPAA member.

Daroll Frewing Co-Founder and CEO of US Bowling Corporation along with his wife Dolores have played an integral role in the bowling manufacturing and installation business since 1959. The Frewings have built amazing relationships with many proprietors in the bowling industry and now with that success want to give back by supporting the children of bowling proprietors to further their education. Daroll and Dolores are hoping this will allow selected students to move ahead with their college education and achieve the same success that Daroll and Dolores have been so blessed with.

It has been Daroll and Dolores’ wish for many years to put together this annual scholarship award and would consider this to be one of their greatest moments in their bowling business career.

Daroll and Dolores want to thank all the bowling proprietors of this great industry for their continued support and could not be more proud to give back to their families by providing this annual scholarship award.


2024 applications are now open!

Download 2024 Application