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Hall of Famers | Bowling Writers

Bowling has been enlarged and energized by the creative talents of dedicated journalists and loyal enthusiasts who have made bowling the international sensation that it is today.

ALGESKOG, Gosta (2001), Sweden
ASBATY, Diandra (2005), United States
ASUKAS, Kalle (2004), Finland
BAKER-FLYNN, Jeanette ('94), Australia
BARNES, Lynda (2006) United States
BECKEL, Martina ('97), Germany
BUCK, Pauline (2003), England
COO, Bong (Olivia Garcia) ('93), Philippines
DE LA ROSA, Lita (2000), Philippines
DUBOIS, Philippe ('94), France
GLOVER, Zara (2009) United States
GUERRERO, Clara (2009)
HONEYCHURCH, Cara ('98) Australia
HOFFMAN, Bill (2008) United States
JOHANNESSON, Annette (Hagre) ('93), Sweden
KOIVUNIEMI, Mika (2010)

KROGERUS, Eija (2002), Finland
LARSSON, Asa ('96), Sweden
LEANDERSSON, Tomas (2000), Sweden
MA. Ying-Chieh ('96), Taiwan R.O.C.
NEPOMUCENO, Paeng (Rafael) ('93), Philippines
OHMAN, Anders (2005), Sweden
PICCCINI, Edda ('99) Mexico
PENNY, Kristen (2010)
PUTNEY, Ann-Maree (2008) United States
REYNOLDS, Tito (2006) United States 
STROEM. Arne ('94), Norway
TORGERSON, Tore (2007) United States
URREA, Irma (2001), Mexico
VERBRUGGEN, Gary (2009)
YANG, Cheng-Ming ('97), Taiwan R.O.C.
ZIKES, Les ('99), United States
ZULKIFLI, Shalin (2004) United States

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