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Sustaining Membership Program

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Membership in the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame is a great way for individuals, proprietors, industry corporations and associations to stay connected to the rich history of the sport and help preserve its legacy for future generations to enjoy.


Our current Gold and Platinum members include

Bowlers Supply Brandon Crossroads Brunswick

Turbo Quibica Wisconsin State USBC

Bronze members include


Luby Publishing

Our Professional Members include

Ron Woods, John, Tinney, Gary Forman, Bill Wammes, David Bardon, Chris Chartrand, Hank Boomershine, Carmen Salvino, Lee Sandt, John Buhl, Tom Strobl, Bill Spigner, Jeffrey Richgels, Jeff & Loretta Mraz.

Our Individual Members include

David Schroeder, Bill Clay, Jack McCarthy, Susan Bonner, Brian Hirsch, Stephen Moehrle, Ron Hicks, John Wilson, Jackie Wyckoff, Tim Anderson, Frank Barnhart, Eric Seebacher, Cornelius Murphy, Dave Soutar, Stephen Wylam, Leonard R. Nicholson, Tracy Ebarb.

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